Daniel Caslin is the Chief Instructor of Aikido of Owensboro. He began his Aikido training in 1976 with Frank Doran at Stanford University. He thereafter trained under Mary Heiny in Seattle. He spent a year in Shingu, Japan in 1979 studying Aikido full time under Hikitsuchi Michio Sensei, 10th Dan, one of O'Sensei's post-war students. Other influential instructors in Shingu were Motomichi Anno (8th Dan), Yanase (7th Dan) and Tojima Sensei (6th Dan).

Upon returning to the United States, Daniel trained with Tom Read in Arcata, California and began teaching in Arcata. He later moved to Kentucky, where he opened a dojo in 1982. He is affiliated with North Bay Aikido in Santa Cruz and Hombu Dojo in Tokyo. He has a continuing interest in meditation, yoga and Japanese gardening. Dan is also the managing law partner of Caslin Cecil & Holtrey. caslin.org

Rick Triplett has been dabbling in various martial arts since 1958 and studying Aikido from Dan Caslin since the Owensboro dojo first formed in 1990. Rick received his 1st Dan rank from Linda Holiday in 1996 and is currently 3rd Dan rank.  He and his wife established a private K-12 school in Owensboro. 

Chris Booker has trained since 1995 and is a 3rd Dan. 


Nobuyuki (Nobi) Matoba started Aikido in 1986 under Shihan Seiseki Abe in Osaka, Japan. Abe-sensei was one of the most dedicated students and, at the same time, a calligraphy teacher of Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba in the 1950’s - 1960’s. While being a student of Abe-sensei, Nobi has also been trained for Iwama-style Aikido as an uchideshi under Shihan Morihiro Saito in the summer of 1998 and 1999. Nobi currently holds the rank of 4th Dan from Aikikai. He moved to Kentucky in 2008 and currently directs a biotechnology laboratory at Owensboro Cancer Research Program (http://louisville.edu/ocrp/matoba).

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