Yoga Classes are open to the community.  Students practice to their own level or abilities. Modifications are given to challenge more experienced practitioners.

Each class opens with time to center and focus. Beginners are taught basic poses and breathing techniques. Yoga Garden classes focus on developing good basic postures and then developing flowing postures with the student's breath. Each class ends with a relaxation period.


Class Schedule

Monday & Wednesday @ 5:30 pm

Occassional Saturday Class @ 10:30 am (Check with instructor)


Pre-pay 1 month for $30.00

Pay as you go $5.00/class

Cards $45.00 for bundle of 10






Michele Cecil - Experienced and dedicated Yoga and Aikido student and instructor.  Constant practioner on and off the mat. Welcomes students of all ages, experience and fitness.

If you have questions regarding class or yoga subjects please feel free to contact Michele at
or via cell at (270) 231-6915. 

The Yoga Garden also invites you to follow us via Facebook: Garden Yoga Page. 


The word "yoga" is derived from the Sanskrit word "yuj"  meaning "to yoke or unite."  Yoga is the uniting of the mind with the body.  Practitioners of Hatha Yoga use physical postures (asana) and breathing techniques (pranyama) to achieve physical strength and flexibility and mental focus and balance.


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